Dov’s Favorite Episodes of the Year — Eric Severson

Eric Severson

In this episode of Next Wave Leadership, Dov Pollack sits down with Eric Severson, Executive Vice President and Chief People & Belonging Officer at Neiman Marcus Group (NMG), to discuss the importance of belonging and equality in the workplace. Listen in as Eric talks about creating positive employee experiences, overcoming prejudice and championing inclusion, and developing a growth-oriented mindset throughout your company. Stay tuned!

Amy Kraft, SR. Director of Development and Children’s Programming at Pinna, On: Leadership During Lockdown, Creating Engagement, and Why Kids Are the Most Honest Audience

Amy Kraft

In this episode of Next Wave Leadership, Dov Pollack has an informative discussion with Amy Kraft, the Senior Director of Development and Children’s Programming at Pinna. Together, the two break down the process behind children’s content and how Amy leads her team to create valuable programming. They also touch on Amy’s introduction to the field, the lessons learned from other executives, and why children are the most honest audience.

Suzi Sosa, Co-Founder and CEO of Verb Inc., On: Refreshing Your Relationship Towards Failure Once You’ve Achieved Incredible Success, Lost Everything, and Been Set Free To Start Over Again

Suzi Sosa

Dov Pollack has a powerful conversation with Suzi Sosa, Co-founder and CEO of Verb Inc., about leadership and company culture. They discuss her story of being an immigrant and the moment she lost almost everything. They then delve into leadership development, venture capital for women, and why Suzi sees herself as an action hero. Hear all this and much more on this episode of Next Wave Leadership!

Andy Bass, Author of Start With What Works and Committed Action, On: The Culture of Optimization and Liberating Your Company’s Potential By Revealing the Truth, Not Inventing It

Andy Bass

In this episode of Next Wave Leadership, Dov Pollack interviews Andy Bass, the Founder and Managing Director of BassClusker Consulting, to talk about liberating your company’s potential through overlooked resources. They talk about reassessing your business and finding creative ways to improve systems. They also touch on innovation, eliminating waste, and looking for answers internally. Stay tuned for more.

Sarah Gaeta, Former CEO of Conversion Logix, On: Getting Paid What You Are Worth, Being a Learn-It-All vs. a Know-It-All, and Adobe’s Big Bet

Sarah Gaeta

In this episode of Next Wave Leadership, Dov Pollack interviews Sarah Gaeta, the CEO of Conversion Logix, to talk about her story and her thoughts on leadership. They start with the importance of validating employees, why she worked with a coach, and how her early life influenced her leadership style. They also discuss her struggles in the technology industry and what she learned from those who came before her.

Judah Pollack, Head of People at KindEarth.Tech and Former Faculty at Stanford StartX, On: Working With Military Leaders, Introducing the Enneagram Into a Corporate Setting, and the Import of Engaging With Your Shadow

Judah Pollack

In this episode of Next Wave Leadership, Dov Pollack sits down with his brother Judah Pollack, Head of People at KindEarth.Tech, to talk about using the Enneagram model as a tool in the workplace and your everyday life. Judah starts with his work in the military and the importance of knowing yourself in that environment. They also discuss finding your strengths and weaknesses, knowing how to work well with others, and what it means to look at your own shadow.

Keli Frazier-Cox, Former Chief Commercial Officer at MindGym and the Founder of Promote Leaders, On: Leading as an Introvert, Educating Yourself in a Mid-Size Company, and Why Taking Action Doesn’t Require Perfection

Keli Frazier Cox

In this episode of Next Wave Leadership, Dov Pollack talks with Keli Frazier-Cox, the COO of the Americas for MindGym, to discuss leadership in action and how to promote diversity. They talk about Keli’s career and how she lives out her personal motto. They also touch on the difference between diversity and belonging, taking responsibility, and even how to lead as an introvert. Stay tuned to hear all of this and more!

Achim Daub, Former Global President of Symrise AG and Current Global Strategic Advisor, On: Leadership Lessons From the Kitchen, Letting Your Mask Down, and How Mistakes Provide Learning Opportunities

Achim Daub

Dov Pollack talks with Achim Daub, the Founder, Principal, and CEO of Achim Daub Global Strategy Advisory, LLC, about innovation and ambition in leadership. They talk about Achim’s extensive career and the crucial lessons he learned early on. They discuss how to create an effective rewards system in your business, how to inspire innovation, and why you should embrace failure. Hear the rest on this episode of the Next Wave Leadership podcast.

Jennifer DaSilva, President of Berlin Cameron and Founder of Connect4Women, On: Letting Go of Perfection, Building Networks for Women by Calling Them In, Not Calling Them Out, and Learning To Lead With Vulnerability

Jennifer DaSilva

Dov Pollack invites Jennifer DaSilva, the President of Berlin Cameron, onto the podcast to talk about leadership and networking for women. They talk about the work being done at Connect4Women and why Jennifer started it. They then discuss a host of topics, such as active inclusion, what LLShe does, and why owning mistakes is important for a positive company culture. Hear it all on this episode of Next Wave Leadership!

Elle Bruno, Managing Director at Techstars Boulder, On: Helping Women Invest in Women, Changing the Game Through Angel Investing, and Summoning the Courage To Speak Out

Elle Bruno

Dov Pollack talks with Elle Bruno, the Managing Director at Techstars Boulder, on this episode of Next Wave Leadership to discuss leadership and angel investing. They begin with Elle’s career and the lessons she learned from a young age. They also touch on topics such as investing in women-led startups, maintaining company culture during growth, and gender inequality in the business world.