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Case Study

A More Confident Executive Presence

CHRO & Head of Global Learning Fortune 500 Company

Presenting Challenge

Client was a top performer with very clear goals and innovative strategies. However, she had reached a plateau in her career wherein achieving these goals was dependent on her ability to step forward in her company and showcase her skills with confidence and presence. Specifically, she wanted to project a more confident leadership presence to the CEO, the board, and in panel interviews, podcasts and presentations.

Next Wave Leadership Coaching Plan

Scoping the Summit:    
Beginning with her vision of how she wanted to impact and transform the organization, Dov developed a coaching plan that first helped her clearly define the positive impact her plan would have on the company.

Taking Stock at Basecamp:
Next, we took stock of her own unique story; what life experiences were formative in honing her unique skills, what aspects of her story made her worthy of following, what gems of personal insight made her inspiring.

The Ascent:
Dov worked with her to help her see herself with perspective, looking through a lens aimed at identifying the  qualities of a self-possessed and clear-eyed executive. We worked together to articulate her narrative in a compelling manner. Not to sell an image, but to honestly project her true Self as she knew herself to be.

Once the narrative was established, owning it in a compelling way was easy because it was truly her story. Not only had our work together provided her with the words to say in order to demonstrate her aptitude for leading at the next level, but more importantly, it had imbued her with the presence to experience her confidence in an embodied way. As we prepared for her presentations to board members, the CEO, panel discussions and more, her presentation became less and less about what she said, and more and more about how she said it….as an impactful, effective and inspiring leader.

Reaching the Summit, Results:

The development of her executive presence has resulted in measurable indicators of her success and transformation into an impactful, effective and inspiring leader.

The client needed to ensure that her presentation at an important Conference would showcase to the CEO the power of her ideas and her readiness for promotion. After the presentation, she received a personal message from the CEO praising the originality of her presentation: “It was the best presentation of the day and it had an immediate impact on the leadership team.”

She also wanted to demonstrate leadership at a prestigious panel on the topic of gender diversity on corporate boards because it was important to her professionally, as well as being central to her broader life aspirations. Reporting on the panel, a major newspaper article highlighted her, showcasing in a side box a specific pull quote that we had spent time crafting, thus realizing her goal of being regarded as a key voice in this sphere.

In addition to this personal success, she was specifically called out and praised by the CEO and the Global CHRO on LinkedIn as well as on the company intranet, elevating her professional profile, which further enhanced her status as an inspiring and impactful presence.

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