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Case Study

Joining More Corporate Boards

Former Chief People Officer for Fortune 500 Company Current 4x Corporate Board Director

Presenting Challenge:

In her former role as Chief People Officer at a multibillion-dollar enterprise technology company, the client drove corporate strategy and led their global people operations. When we began working together, she was a board advisor to one VC firm and a board member of three nonprofit organizations. She was looking to raise her profile by doing more speaking and media events to leverage her previous success into being invited to join more corporate boards.

Next Wave Leadership Coaching Plan:

Scoping the summit:

Her goals were clear. She wanted to increase the quality of her executive presence in order to be invited to hold more board positions. She wanted to become a more engaging and impactful speaker, one who left a lasting impression on every audience. She wanted to 
feel strong, confident and embodied when telling her story. 

Taking stock at basecamp:

Dov created a coaching plan that started by reviewing her history with an outsider’s perspective and consciously enumerating her successes. Telling the story of previous successes in the 3rd person elucidated for her the reality of her accomplishments and allowed her to recognize and further embody the executive presence she already had.

The Ascent:

In a positive feedback loop, this recognition bolstered her confidence and freed her to become more creative and engaging in her presentations. Together we co-created her very own Ted Talk, turning her answers for board interviews, fireside chats and podcasts into engaging stories that  connected emotionally with her audience and left a lasting impression.

Reaching the Summit, Results:

Since we began working together, she has been invited to join the corporate boards of four companies. In addition, she is now regularly fielding offers to speak at various media events and in organizations large and small.


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