Dov Pollack

Dov Pollack

I am an executive coach. I help leaders live and work with meaning, purpose and impact. I have spent over a decade counseling senior leaders to project a confident executive presence and create trusting vibrant work cultures.

Before it gets awkward, I want to clear up any confusion. My name is pronounced dove, like the bird. No, my parents weren’t hippies and I did not give myself this name at Burning Man. I am named after my great grandfather. Dov means bear in Hebrew. But the association with the legendary bringer of peace dovetails quite well with my business (had to do it.)

Growing up, I saw a film whose plot pivoted on a letter sent between lovers that never arrived, and I was fascinated by the havoc that its miscommunication produced.

As an adult, I have dedicated my life to helping people build the skills to ensure that their letters always arrive. I believe authentic communication between people is key to making the world a better place.  I also believe that authentic communication begins with self-knowledge, a treasure more easily uncovered with the help of perspective. 

Helping leaders uncover the treasure of their true self – their gifts and unique style, their triggers and vulnerabilities, their beliefs and dreams – that is my great passion.

When leaders are committed to actualizing a fully embodied and aware self, this way of being ripples outward and they create connected and self-aware cultures that truly set the course for a better world.

I am grateful that through my work I am able to contribute to this impactful endeavor.