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About Dov

Dov is an executive coach with a diverse background in management consulting, business, and film production. Dov Pollack started executive coaching in San Francisco in 2005, where he began his career leading team building sessions for many of the Bay Area’s biggest tech firms. 

In 2012, Dov stumbled upon his true passion for executive coaching when he was asked to provide guidance to a newly minted executive. He realized then that the key to leadership influence at the highest levels depended upon the quality of one’s presence. Beyond the gratification of helping others to thrive, he discovered his calling was in creating embodied leaders who transcend the old ways of patriarchal rule and instead harness the power of their own unique story for maximum impact. 

In 2020, amidst the chaos of a global pandemic, Dov took it up a notch. He launched the Next Wave Leadership podcast – an ocean of wisdom from over 150 inspiring leaders. Guests dive deep into their life stories, sharing their formative moments and personal insights.

Dov is all about the long game. He firmly believes that a successful coach must see the bigger picture and provide clients the ability to see themselves with greater perspective. Dov himself has lived a life worthy of its own dramatic script. Born into a world of privilege and patriarchy, he endured a decade of family trauma, took a tumble down the social ladder, and finally rose from the ashes to rebuild his life, learning valuable lessons along the way.

His mission is to help others rewrite their stories, transforming them into heroes who conquer adversity, embrace failure, and keep growing into the people they’re meant to be. It’s this passion for creating embodied leaders who embrace the plot and promise of their own story, coupled with his integrity and discretion, that makes him a trusted coach and adviser to leaders around the world. 

His name is pronounced “Dove,” like the bird. Nope, no hippie parents here, and he didn’t choose this name at some wild Burning Man ceremony. Dov is named after his great grandfather. In Hebrew, the name means “Bear.” Quite fitting, given his ability to bear the weight of leadership challenges and bring peace to his clients’ minds.