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About Dov

Dov is an executive coach with a diverse background in management consulting, business, and film production. Dov Pollack started executive coaching in San Francisco in 2005, beginning his career leading team building sessions for many of the bay area’s biggest tech firms. In 2012, Dov discovered his passion for executive coaching when he was asked to coach a newly promoted executive and discovered that at the executive level the way leaders influence others is through the quality of their presence. This turned out to be the client that changed his career. Beyond the gratification of helping others to thrive, he discovered his calling, to create embodied leaders who see their purpose as moving past the broken paradigms of patriarchal leadership by helping them harness the power of their unique story for maximum impact.

In 2020, just as the pandemic was beginning, Dov started the Next Wave Leadership podcast. He has now interviewed over 100 leaders creating a space for them to tell their stories, share their formative life experiences and their gems of personal insight. All to answer the question, what makes you inspiring? And what aspects of your story make you worthy of following?

Dov takes the long view. He believes that the value a coach provides clients is the ability to see themselves with perspective. In order to do that well, a coach must have done their own work and gained self-perspective. Dov was born into great patriarchy and privilege, suffered a decade long family trauma, fell out of class, found the waters of his formerly clear identity muddied and then picked himself up and rebuilt his life. Dov knows first hand how to rewrite your story with you as the hero who has overcome adversity, learned from failure and continues to grow.

It’s this passion for creating embodied leaders who embrace the plot and promise of their own story, coupled with Dov’s integrity and discretion, that makes him a trusted coach and adviser to leaders around the world.

Dov wants to clear up any confusion. His name is pronounced dove, like the bird. No, his parents weren’t hippies and he did not give himself this name at Burning Man. He is named after his great grandfather. Dov means bear in Hebrew. But the association with the legendary bringer of peace dovetails quite well with his business (had to do it).