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Executive presence isn’t about selling yourself. It’s about being yourself.

When you speak to an audience, whether to executives, on a panel or podcast, or to inspire a global movement, are you memorable and inspiring? Are you making an impact? Attaining the results you desire? Does your presence matter?

Dov’s unique backstory helps you find yours. Dov is an executive coach with a diverse background in management consulting, business, and screenwriting. Dov began his executive coaching career in San Francisco in 2005 leading team building sessions for many of the Bay Area’s biggest tech firms. In 2012, Dov stumbled upon his true passion for executive coaching when he was asked to guide a freshly minted executive. That’s when he realized that the key to leadership influence at the highest echelons was the quality of their presence. Beyond the gratification of helping others to thrive, he discovered his calling, to create embodied leaders who transcend the old ways of patriarchal rule and instead harness the power of their own unique story for maximum impact.

Basecamp Coaching

Have you spent years climbing the mountain of your career, achieving success and acclaim and are now finding yourself ready for the next challenge? Dov Pollack’s Next Wave Leadership Coaching is designed for leaders who want to project a more confident executive presence. The goal is to help you uncover your calling, that uniquely personal story, which can, once recovered and illuminated, light up a room, deliver sought after outcomes, or inspire a global audience. Dov helps you make your presence known.

Case Studies

Our case studies detail a few of the many executives who have experienced quantitative and qualitative success.

Case Studies

Our case studies detail a few of the many executives who have experienced quantitative and qualitative success.


“I can’t begin to thank you for the journey you have taken me on. You have taken me down a path I would not have gone without your help.  I love my story you created!

CEO, Dr. Yasmin Davidds Leadership Institute & Multicultural Women Executive Leadership Foundation

“Dov Pollack gets results because he is masterful at building trust. The improvements in performance achieved by individuals equated to higher quantity and quality of communication and trust. We came out of the process with more confident leaders and a much stronger team.”

Marvin Williams Sr. Vice President of Property Management MidPen Housing

“Dov has been a tremendous coach and mentor to me. The skills that Dov has tapped into and amplified have been the keys to my development as a leader, accelerating my career trajectory and acting as inspiration throughout my whole life. Just when I think I have reached the top of the mountain, Dov broadens my view.”

Matt Levy Sr. Director Of Engineering DocuSign

“Dov has been an amazing sounding board for pivotal career interactions and decisions. Has has a unique ability to elicit reflection, listen, and present back to you in a way that crystallizes how you want to communicate, what you offer professionally, and where and how you can grow your career.”

Jennifer Gootman Head of Social + Environmental Sustainability Williams-Sonoma

“As a coach Dov became my partner. He helped me articulate my leadership values, find the stories from my life that best illustrated where those values originated, and helped me craft my communications around them. “

Darcy Horn Davenport President & CEO at BellRing Brands


Dov speaks with leaders from around the globe as they share leadership lessons and stories about how executive presence changed the trajectory of their career and catapulted them to success.