How to Create a Growth Mindset Culture

Dov PollackDov Pollack is an executive coach and leadership consultant at Next Wave Leadership, a company that provides their clients with self-reflection tools to gain clarity about their strengths and become more effective leaders. Their clients include Charles Schwab, Premier Nutrition, Slack, Sonos, Twilio, and MidPen Housing. Dov’s unique approach to coaching frees leaders from their limiting beliefs in order to create a growth-focused work culture where everyone thrives

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • The retail job that inspired Dov Pollack to focus on collaborative environments and leadership.
  • Dov on the growth mindset and redefining failure.
  • The importance of effort in a collaborative culture.
  • The advantages of constructive criticism for both leaders and employees.
  • Dov talks about the value in culture for leaders and team members.

In this episode…

It’s been shown that the best places to work are the ones where people are motivated to grow and learn with each other. Creating a work environment that nurtures collaboration and innovation is paramount to a company’s success. Dov Pollack, an executive coach and leadership consultant at Next Wave Leadership, shares his insights into reshaping the workplace in order to cultivate a growth mindset culture.

In this episode of the Next Wave Leadership Podcast, John Corcoran from Rise25 Media interviews Dov about building a growth mindset culture; that is, an environment that is focused on learning. Dov discusses the positive influence that this mindset has on leaders and employees alike, the importance of learning from mistakes and reframing the idea of failure to promote growth and collaboration within the workplace. Visit Next Wave Leadership’s website in the resources section below to connect with Dov and learn more about his innovative approach to leadership.

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This episode is brought to you by Next Wave Leadership.

Founded by Dov Pollack, Next Wave Leadership is an executive coaching firm focused on helping CEOs, executives and emerging leaders overcome their limiting beliefs which is an essential part of creating a growth mindset culture.

If you are looking to grow as a leader and create a vibrant and innovative culture in your organization, Next Wave Leadership can help you get the results you want and need.

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