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Eva Nahari: On Maintaining Your Own Personal Shape While Understanding the Shape of Your Organization

Eva Nahari

Eva Nahari is the Principal at DNX Ventures, a Silicon Valley and Tokyo-based early-stage venture capital firm that invests in B2B startups. In this position, Eva invests in innovative SaaS, Cloud, ML-Enabled Enterprise Software, and DevOps companies that have the potential to transform the current approach to IT in enterprises. 

Outside of her work at DNX Ventures, Eva is an active angel investor and previously served as a Startup Mentor to the Nordic Innovation House in Silicon Valley.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Eva Nahari talks about how a conversation on the subway transformed her life and career 
  • Eva’s experience as a woman in the male-dominated field of computer science
  • How Eva got a job at an esteemed tech company in the middle of a market crisis
  • Your greatest competitive advantage in life and business: your unique story 
  • The value of finding your own voice and path — especially as a female leader
  • How Eva interacts with her inner critic
  • The importance of identifying and accepting your “shape” as a leader
  • Eva talks about the vital lessons she has learned from both Swedish and American culture

In this episode…

Do you feel out-of-place as a corporate leader? Are you looking for ways to embrace your unique personality and background in an environment full of cookie-cutter professionals?

After spending years in the corporate world trying to fit into her male colleagues’ ideas of what a female professional should be, Eva Nahari learned an important truth: be your own “shape.” In other words, you are distinct from other people because of your background, personality, and approach to business. Eva believes that your one-of-a-kind story and shape are the most powerful tools you have — tools that will lead you to success and authority in your company. So, how can you discover and embrace your personal narrative and distinct voice today?

In this episode of Next Wave Leadership, Dov Pollack sits down with Eva Nahari, the Principal at DNX Ventures, to discuss understanding the value of authenticity and the power of your story as a leader. Listen in as Eva talks about navigating the male-dominated computer science industry, the importance of identifying your unique voice, and strategies for accepting and celebrating your shape as a leader. Stay tuned!

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