Maya Lis Tussing: On Tactical Empathy and How a Late Career Move From Corporate to Entrepreneurship Helped Her Regain Her Powerful Voice

Maya Lis Tussing

Maya Lis Tussing is a Partner at Fairlight Advisors, a financial consulting agency that provides investment management solutions, employee retirement plans, and financial planning for nonprofits and social impact enterprises. Before Fairlight, Maya worked as the Principal and OCIO/Investment Advisor at Alesco Advisors LLC, an investment advisory firm serving institutions and high net worth individuals across the United States.

Maya currently serves her community as the Vice President of the Commission on the Status of Women in San Mateo County, California. She is also a Board Member at Community Initiatives and the Co-Chair of Online Auctions for Menlo School.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Maya Lis Tussing talks about leaving her corporate career to co-found Fairlight Advisors 
  • The frustrating truth about promotions in the corporate world: they aren’t objective
  • Maya discusses how developing a powerful voice at an early age impacted her career in corporate America 
  • Maya’s experience with women’s affinity groups—and the importance of speaking truth to power
  • What’s the difference between a mentor and a sponsor?
  • How discrimination can thrive in the “pyramid” of corporate leadership
  • Maya’s strategy for creating a boutique investment firm
  • The importance of self-advocacy as a female entrepreneur 
  • Maya talks about tactical empathy and the value of embracing different perspectives in the workplace
  • Does Maya have a strong inner critic?

In this episode…

Are you frustrated with hierarchy and discrimination in corporate America? Do you want to become an agent of positive change in your workplace instead of sticking to the less-than-ideal status quo?

Maya Lis Tussing knows the struggle of being a woman in the corporate world. Despite her powerful voice and tireless work ethic, Maya has experienced abundant prejudice in the workplace over the years. Unfortunately, Maya learned the hard way that promotions and increased responsibility aren’t objective; they’re subject to bias and favoritism. So, what did Maya do to overcome this hurdle in the corporate world, and how is she using her voice to propel change? 

In this episode of Next Wave Leadership, Maya Lis Tussing, a Partner at Fairlight Advisors, sits down with Dov Pollack to discuss her transition from corporate America to entrepreneurship. Listen in as Maya talks about the unfair reality of corporate promotions, forming a confident voice at an early age, and the importance of cultivating tactical empathy in the workplace. Stay tuned!

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