Breaking Down Hierarchy & Owning Your Destiny

Jenny Coupe

Jenny Coupe is the VP of Revenue Marketing at ActiveCampaign, with over 25 years of experience in B2B marketing. She specializes in building demand generation programs that create predictable revenue by leveraging the power of data. Jenny has worked at several startups and larger companies like Silicon Graphics. Before joining ActiveCampaign, she was VP of Global Customer Acquisition at SOASTA, where she led the company to a successful acquisition by Akamai Technologies in 2017. 

She was also the Senior Director of Global Demand Generation and Marketing Operations at Tegile Systems, helping them become the fastest growing storage company in 2013. Jenny has received numerous awards, including the Top 50 Women in Revenue That You Should Know and the Top 60 Most Influential Marketing Thought Leaders.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Dov Pollack introduces his guest, Jenny Coupe from ActiveCampaign
  • What is a flat organizational structure and how does it work?
  • How Jenny’s childhood influenced her leadership style
  • Traditional leadership versus servant leadership 
  • Creating a mindset of authenticity in the workplace
  • The meaning of radical candor and Jenny’s philosophy about feedback 
  • Jenny shares her experience as a mentor 
  • How to maintain a collaborative environment while working remotely
  • The people who have impacted Jenny throughout her career

In this episode…

As more companies work to develop a pro-growth culture, the shift from traditional leadership to servant leadership is crucial in building an environment where people feel engaged, valued, and excited about their work. In this episode of The Next Wave Leadership Podcast, Jenny Coupe from ActiveCampaign discusses her leadership principles and how she forms personal relationships built on trust to create a mindset of authenticity.

Jenny dives into her journey, from graduating with a degree in political science to becoming VP of Revenue Marketing at ActiveCampaign. You’ll hear about the challenges she’s faced throughout her career, the lessons she’s learned from working at companies without a growth-focused mindset, and how she prioritizes a partnership mentality over a hierarchical dynamic. She also talks about the importance of understanding what motivates individuals to help them reach their goals in a realistic yet authentic way. 

Join Dov Pollack in this episode of The Next Wave Leadership Podcast as he interviews Jenny Coupe, the VP of Revenue Marketing at ActiveCampaign. Jenny shares her insights as a leader, her experience as an LGBTQ+ woman in the tech industry, and how participating in a leadership program helped her gain perspective. Visit the websites in the resources section below to learn more about Jenny and her leadership experience.

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