You Don’t Need the Spotlight to Support Others

Ann Goggins Gregory

Ann Goggins Gregory is the Senior Vice President of Resident Services at MidPen Housing Corporation. MidPen Housing’s mission is to provide safe and affordable high-quality housing to those in need while establishing stability and opportunity in the lives of their residents. Before MidPen, Ann served as the Habitat for Humanity COO in the greater San Francisco area, the Senior Director of Knowledge for The Bridgespan Group, and a business analyst at Deloitte.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Ann Goggins Gregory discusses how her approach to leadership has evolved
  • What is the responsibility of a leader?
  • Ann shares her early career experience as an analyst and consultant
  • Transitioning to a career in the social sector
  • How Ann’s approach to feedback has changed over time
  • The impact that Ann’s parents had on her leadership style
  • Adapting to leading remotely during COVID-19
  • The mentors that have influenced Ann during her career

In this episode…

What’s the most common archetype of a leader? A person who makes all of the important decisions for their organization, typically. 

However, Ann Goggins Gregory, the Senior Vice President of Resident Services at MidPen Housing Corporation, knows that her responsibility as a leader is to guide her team and take part in making those valuable decisions—and ultimately build a space in which the people she works with can thrive. 

With Dov, Ann shares her career experience and why she’s often opted to avoid taking the easy path. She also discusses how her values-based orientation drives her approach to leadership. Plus, you’ll hear about Ann’s experience working in a male-dominated work culture versus an all-female team. 

Join Ann Goggins Gregory, the Senior Vice President of Resident Services at MidPen Housing Corporation, and Dov Pollack in this episode of the Next Wave Leadership Podcast. Ann shares her leadership journey, from working as an analyst at Deloitte to her transition into the nonprofit world. She also discusses her evolution as a leader, the challenges she’s faced during her career, and reflects on her personal experience with leadership development programs.

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