Tensie Whelan, Clinical Professor of Business and Society at NYU Stern School of Business: On How Teaching Future Business Leaders to See the World Through the Lens of Sustainability Will Help Them View the World Differently

Tensie Whelan

Tensie Whelan is the Director of the Center for Sustainable Business and a Clinical Professor of Business and Society at NYU Stern School of Business. At NYU, she advocates for sustainable practices and equips students to address environmental challenges in their future positions. In her own career, Tensie has 25 years of experience working with national and international organizations on issues of sustainability.

Before starting at NYU, Tensie worked as the President of the Rainforest Alliance for much of her career, growing the organization from $4.5 million to $50 million. She also continues to serve as a Board Member for GlobeScan, which helps different institutions grow their brand and sustainability efforts.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • How do you change the mentality of an organization towards sustainability?
  • What led Tensie Whelan to transition from president of an organization to professor at a prestigious university
  • Creating an ecosystem that helps mothers in their careers
  • The balance between pragmatism and sustainability
  • Persuading board members with metrics and data
  • How did Tensie build an internal culture at the Rainforest Alliance?
  • Changes to the landscape of sustainability at universities
  • What does the future of environmental efforts look like?

In this episode…

Sustainability efforts are more important than ever. The environment continues to suffer as more and more problems arise from human exploitation. Yet in the world of business, sustainability is often a hot-button topic, typically seen as an impediment rather than a companion. It can be difficult to change any minds — but it’s not impossible.

Tensie Whelan has worked in sustainability organizations for most of her life. She spent 15 years as the President of the Rainforest Alliance and now works at NYU as a professor and director. Her goal is to educate and guide the upcoming generation of business leaders to see the value and importance of sustainability. She not only believes that change is possible, but crucial for the future. So what does all of that look like in practice?

Dov Pollack invites Tensie Whelan, the Director of the Center for Sustainable Business at NYU, to talk about the needed intersection between sustainability and the future of business. She dives into a host of topics, from persuading board members to developing an internal culture of environmentalism. They also discuss what’s on the horizon for sustainability and diversity in the business world. Find out more by tuning in to this episode of Next Wave Leadership.

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