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Robert Bagheri, the Founder and CEO at Sakuu Corporation: On The Art of Growing and Scaling Startups, Removing Obstacles, and Creating Space for Others To Shine

Robert Bagheri

Robert Bagheri is a renowned executive leader and the Founder and CEO of Sakuu Corporation. Founded in 2016, Sakuu is a one-of-a-kind 3D printing platform that can create multi-material products. At Sakuu, Robert focuses on networking with high-technology partners for unique innovations as well as training his team to perform at their highest potential.

Robert has extensive experience running large companies, having served as the CEO of Telewave, Inc. before founding his own business. He has also directed as the Executive Vice President of Operations at Zenverge and the Chief Operating Officer at EoPlex.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Robert Bagheri’s rags to riches story: from dishwasher to CEO
  • Robert’s advice on how to achieve and excel in a leadership position
  • Learning how to manage people by knowing them
  • The power of properly delegating responsibility across a team
  • How to maintain a work culture while expanding the business
  • What motivates Robert to keep striving for more throughout his career?
  • Giving chances to people during the hiring process
  • Robert shares his thoughts on the importance of raising grateful children

In this episode…

How do you lead a brand new company? With an established business, there are always obstacles to hiring the right team, but the infrastructure and expectations have long been set. With a startup, the stakes are higher— it’s up to you alone to establish a workplace environment, set up systems, and ensure success.

Robert Bagheri has gone through this cycle many times. As an experienced executive leader, Robert has joined countless companies, helped them flourish, and even have members of the team follow him to his next stop. His unique style of leadership leads to results in both financial data and workplace culture. Now, he’s here to share some of his advice with you.

In this episode of Next Wave Leadership, Dov Pollack talks with Robert Bagheri, the Founder and CEO of Sakuu Corporation, to learn how to scale a startup and create a better workplace environment. They go through Robert’s story, starting as an immigrant and flourishing as an executive leader. The two then cover a variety of topics, from strategies for hiring, to staying motivated, to delegating responsibility across your staff. Stay tuned for more!

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