Ramit Singh Chimni, the Founder of the RASICH Group and One of India’s Leading Management Consultants: On Breaking Out of the Transactional Life, The Fairness Paradigm, and the Oversimplification of Success and Failure

Ramit Singh Chimni

Ramit Singh Chimni is the Founder of The RASICH Group, where he works closely with organizations across various sectors on responsible and sustainable business practices. Ramit has regularly advised the government on various instances, including drafting the bill on opening up FDI in the Indian legal sector which was circulated by India’s Ministry of Law and Justice. He is also the Co-founder of Eight Goals One Foundation and is the author of Managing Your Legal Organisation | Global Insights. Ramit serves as a member on the jury for the International UNESCO/José Martí Prize. He was invited by Harvard University to participate in a panel on Humanitarian Affairs and was given the “Exceptional Leaders of Excellence” Award by the Women’s Economic Forum in New Delhi.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • What led Ramit Singh Chimni to make a tangible change to his country’s farmers
  • Why an authentic conversation can scale your business
  • Overcoming the uncertainty of a problem
  • Delivering a sustainable product starts with valuing human beings
  • How did Ramit create a revolving door to change with FAIR methodology?
  • Why the next step can be a multifaceted opportunity
  • Success should be measured by how we implement change for the better
  • Ramit discusses what motivates him and his next steps

In this episode…

Every action has a consequence. Those reactions to implications are part of the journey. But does it have to be categorized as a success or a failure? How do you figure out what is important and relevant, and effectively solve for that?

Ramit Singh Chimni is changing the way we approach problems in every industry. He created a four-step methodology to help us be flexible and comfortable with change: access all the facts, advocate for alternative viewpoints, introspect, and write down the reasons and rationale behind your decision.

On this episode of Next Wave Leadership, Dov Pollack is joined by Ramit Singh Chimni, Founder of The RASICH Group, to explore the journey of solving a simple problem with a complex solution. Together they discuss looking for a trial and building a solution, being more amenable to change by giving ideas time, and four steps to processing and identifying change. Stay tuned!

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