Mark Fidel: On Never Apologizing Without Solutions

Mark Fidel

Mark Fidel is an entrepreneur, former attorney with decades of experience in litigation, business, and finance, and the Co-Founder and Leader of State, Local, and Education Markets for RiskSense, Inc. His company, RiskSense, is a full-spectrum vulnerability and cybersecurity management platform. Mark is also the Owner of Applied Records Management, a full-service document scanning and litigation support consulting firm.

Outside of work, Mark is the Chair of the Board of Directors at HopeWorks, a non-profit organization dedicated to ending homelessness in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Mark Fidel talks about learning service-oriented leadership from his father, a 34 year New Mexico State Senator 
  • Mark recalls his journey from corporate finance to law school—and why he became a litigation attorney 
  • How Mark started RiskSense, his cyber risk management firm, with his business partner Srinivas Mukkamala 
  • The importance of devoting your time to serving your community
  • The customer-focused and engineering-led culture Mark is developing at RiskSense
  • Mark’s tips for delivering difficult feedback to your employees and creating a growth-oriented environment
  • Mark discusses the technology startup atmosphere in New Mexico
  • Mark’s predictions for New Mexico’s near future: economic growth and innovation 

In this episode…

Is your workplace culture steeped in humility, enthusiasm, and collaboration? Or, are your employees apathetic, arrogant, and isolated from their co-workers? If you are trying to diagnose—and evolve—your workplace culture, this episode is for you. 

Unfortunately, many workplaces struggle to foster positive cultures. This is especially true in the technology industry—when your employees are incredibly intelligent, accomplished, and perhaps a bit too self-involved, attempting to shift their thinking to reflect a team-focused mindset is difficult. Thankfully, in this episode, Mark Fidel shares his experience with developing softer workplace cultures in a world full of tech geniuses. 

In this episode of the Next Wave Leadership, Mark Fidel, the Co-Founder and Leader of State, Local, and Education Markets for RiskSense, Inc., sits down with Dov Pollack to talk about becoming a growth-oriented leader. Listen in as Mark discusses learning the importance of service from his father, creating an engineer-led workplace culture, and his predictions for the future of New Mexico’s economic growth. Stay tuned!

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