Kim Mayfield: On the Importance of Tenacity and the Delicate Balance of Leading With Intuition Alongside Data in Large Organizations

Kim Mayfield

Kim Mayfield is the Director of US Commercial Cloud Sales for VMware, a software company that provides innovative solutions to digital businesses. Kim specializes in sales, marketing, and channel leadership and is known for driving fast-paced, complex sales cycles. Before joining VMware, Kim spent over 18 years at Cisco, where she held multiple positions ranging from Regional Sales Manager for the Commercial West to Head of US Commercial Distribution.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • How Kim Mayfield creates an effective and fun culture for her team at VMware
  • Kim discusses her journey from working at an amusement park to building a career as a leader in commercial sales
  • Kim’s experience as the youngest—and only female—member of the sales team at Cisco
  • How to find the balance between empathy and data as a leader
  • Kim shares her strategies for keeping her team engaged during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • The importance of mentorship and support—especially for women in technology
  • Some of the most valuable lessons Kim has learned throughout her career
  • An essential characteristic for leadership: energy
  • How Kim overcomes her inner critic and why she loves working for big organizations

In this episode…

Have you ever been the youngest, least experienced, or only woman in the room? Have you ever had to overcome personal or professional obstacles to achieve success? If you have, what did it take to push forward and emerge from the other side as a better leader? 

Kim Mayfield has had her fair share of challenges along her career path. After putting herself through school and jumping into sales with no experience or mentorship, Kim has made a name for herself as an esteemed leader in her industry. So, what is the secret to her overwhelming success? According to Kim, it all came down to her drive, tenacity, and grit. 

Join Dov Pollack in this episode of the Next Wave Leadership Podcast as he sits down with Kim Mayfield, the Director of US Commercial Cloud Sales for VMware. Together, they discuss the importance of mentorship when building your career, how to find a balance between empathy and data as a leader, and Kim’s tips for creating an engaging team culture during the COVID-19 pandemic. Kim also shares the secret to her success as a woman in technology: true grit. Stay tuned! 

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