Wendy Bronfin, CEO at Bright, On: Excelling as a Leader Rather Than a Follower, Confronting the Start -Up Hurdle, and Never Learning to Type

Wendy Bronfin

Wendy Bronfin is the Co-founder and CEO of BRIGHT, a health technology company that uses leading research to prevent Alzheimer’s disease and fight cognitive decline. She is an accomplished entrepreneur focusing on product innovation and team building. She also serves as the President of Wen + Y, consulting and developing strategies for high-profile businesses such as Mattel, Barnes & Noble, and Fisher-Price.

Before BRIGHT, Wendy had developed her expertise in children’s media through her time as Senior Producer for Sesame Street products and Hooked on Phonics. She has since broadened her interests to working with entrepreneurs and startups, helping build their companies drawing from her depth of experience.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • How Wendy Bronfin had a free-range childhood
  • The idea behind BRIGHT and how it helps prevent Alzheimer’s
  • Wendy explains how light therapy can aid brain function
  • Breaking down BRIGHT’s leadership model and why it’s been successful
  • The importance of continually adapting processes
  • What Wendy learned during her time at Sesame Street
  • Practical advice for young entrepreneurs

In this episode…

How much thought should you put into your leadership model?

More than just your personal approach, your model will have lasting effects on how your business operates. Dynamics and positions that are often taken for granted can play key roles. It’s crucial to surround yourself with professionals, give them space to succeed, and trust every person in the process.

Wendy Bronfin’s career has been a combination of growing as an entrepreneur while simultaneously trusting in the people around her. Her most recent company, BRIGHT, is more important than ever. They are working on a product that helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease. She has developed a unique view on leadership and now breaks down what it looks like in practice.

In this episode of Next Wave Leadership, Dov Pollack talks with Wendy Bronfin, the Co-founder and CEO of BRIGHT, to go over her career and how she approaches leadership within her company. They start with Wendy’s upbringing and how her time developing products for Sesame Street sharpened her process. They talk about BRIGHT and the science behind its light therapy. Lastly, she touches on her advice for new entrepreneurs and their businesses.

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