Suchitra Rajendra, the Founder of QED!HR and Former VP of Human Resources for PepsiCo India: On Leading the Second Wave, Challenging the Status Quo, and the Best Advice She Ever Received

Suchitra Rajendra

Suchitra Rajendra is the Founder of QED!HR, a consulting firm focused on developing HR strategies and creating lasting impact. Suchitra has over 25 years in the HR field, including as the Vice President of Human Resources for PepsiCo India. She has also worked for major companies like Cerebrus Consultants and WorkVentures.

Suchitra is currently setting up a foundation for women’s advancement that strives to highlight opportunities, provide access to education, and promote human rights internationally.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • How Suchitra Rajendra dealt with unrest at a factory
  • Suchitra’s upbringing and how it influences her leadership
  • The key advice that changed Suchitra’s life
  • Why it’s so important to create and maintain culture
  • The story of Suchitra’s experience with culture in Thailand
  • Effectively leading change at big companies
  • What is QED!HR and how do they help other businesses?
  • How Suchitra is empowering women in the workforce

In this episode…

HR is often relegated as a less important component of a business. Marketing, product development, and corporate all drive the company externally — but, a good HR department can keep the business organized and thriving. More importantly, HR is at the heart of inclusion for people who are overlooked.

Inclusion and internal excellence are exactly what Suchitra Rajendra does best. Suchitra is the Founder of QED!HR and the former PepsiCo India VP of Human Resources. Under her leadership, their HR department succeeded in challenging the status quo and diversifying the business. She now works to help other businesses improve their HR departments and support women at major companies. Now she shares her vision with you.

Dov Pollack takes the time to sit down with Suchitra Rajendra, the Founder of QED!HR, to hear her perspective on HR and leadership. The two go over her personal journey and how it has changed the way she thinks about human relationships. They also discuss how to create and maintain culture, strategies for incorporating change at large companies, and her vision for empowering women. Hear it all for yourself on this episode of the Next Wave Leadership podcast.

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