Rajesh Setty, Silicon Valley’s Secret “Spark Plug” for Startups, Scale-UPS (And Shake-UPS), On: What It Takes To Write 18 Books, Co-found 10 Companies, and Time Travel

Rajesh Setty

Rajesh Setty is a serial entrepreneur, having served on the founding team of 10 companies. His current focus is on Audvisor, a streaming app for micro-podcasts that sources relevant content from leading experts. He is also a prolific author, with 18 titles to his name since 1983 that range from fiction to business to mathematics and more.

Among his other projects, Rajesh continues to work closely with MentorCloud and WittyParrot, serving as their Strategist and President, respectively. He is also a proud mentor at The Founder Institute, where he’s taught several courses for first-time entrepreneurs to help them find their footing.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Rajesh Setty’s upbringing and how his first book affected his career
  • How rejection can lead to opportunity
  • A chance meeting that transformed Rajesh’s life
  • The key to Rajesh’s success across his different startups
  • How Audvisor fills a niche that other streaming platforms don’t
  • Overcoming significant obstacles and learning how to move forward
  • Napkinsights and how they reflect Rajesh’s approach to life
  • Turning your brain into a time machine through memory
  • Two essential questions to ask when thinking about the future

In this episode…

There’s always something valuable to learn from looking at someone else’s life. Everyone has unique stories and perspectives that can help us in our own journeys. Oftentimes, people with lots of experience can offer advice through firsthand knowledge. The challenge to learning from them is finding the time and the right people.

Rajesh Setty has returned to this idea time and time again across his dense career. Recently, he’s developed Audvisor, which gives bite-sized wisdom to busy people on the go. He’s also developed websites like Napkinsights and the Thinkbook Series that find new ways to provide practical, applicable wisdom in consumable portions. All of it comes directly from his own crazy story and the lessons he’s learned along the way.

Dov Pollack takes some time to interview Rajesh Setty, the Co-founder and CRO of Audvisor, to hear all about his life and the principles he’s developed. They discuss his upbringing, the opportunities he’s had, and how he’s broken into and disrupted several industries. They also touch on his various startups and the beliefs behind all of them. Hear these stories and much, much more on this episode of Next Wave Leadership!

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