Neeraj Mehta, the CEO of DigniFi, On: Humility in Leadership, Making Yourself Available and Vulnerable, and the Lost Art of the Handwritten Note

Neeraj Mehta

Neeraj Mehta is the CEO at DigniFi, which offers quick and flexible financing for all kinds of vehicles. As an incredibly experienced leader, he has served at an executive level for multiple global brands such as GE and Synchrony. He was also the interim President and CEO for United Way.

Neeraj is an expert in finance, operations, risk, and sales performance, just to name a few. He is a member of the Advisory Board at Teach for America and an active partner of the Acumen Fund.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Neeraj Mehta’s decision to step back after business school and what it taught him
  • How Neeraj’s childhood as an immigrant shaped him
  • The lessons Neeraj learned from his two mentors
  • How curiosity and a thirst for knowledge drove Neeraj’s career
  • What does a more holistic approach to diversity look like?
  • Why Neeraj left Synchrony to lead something smaller
  • The ways that Neeraj is intentional with his employees
  • Taking the interim CEO role at United Way and what Neeraj learned

In this episode…

To the average person, some leaders can feel unapproachable. There can exist a certain illusion that makes them seem above ordinary people. Much of this is driven by the pressure not to show any vulnerability or accept any setbacks. But, this is a dishonest view of leadership. Instead, Neeraj Mehta believes a true leader prioritizes serving over ruling.

Facing multiple problems and challenges in his career, Neeraj has continued to find success as an executive at accomplished organizations like GE and United Way. He has developed his own style over a long and fruitful career, finding new ways to connect with his employees and build a thriving culture. His approach has proven itself time and time again, and now, he’s here to explain it in detail.

In this episode of Next Wave Leadership, Dov Pollack speaks with Neeraj Mehta, the CEO of DigniFi, to go over his career and his approach to leadership. They start with his own background and the challenges he faced early on in his work. They then discuss the importance of diversity, humility, and curiosity in the workplace. The two even take some time to go over Neeraj’s own methods of being intentional. Check out the full episode to hear all of this and more!

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