Monte Lee-Wen, Founder and Chairman of the Casoro Group, On: The Anatomy of an Entrepreneur, Rising Above Your Circumstances, and Developing Leaders That Inspire You

Monte Lee WenMonte Lee-Wen is the Founder and Chairman of the Casoro Group, which is a minority-owned commercial real estate investment firm. He is a leader within the global real estate community, having sharpened his expertise in multi-family real estate throughout his career. He continues to work as the Principal of Upside Avenue and CLEAR Property Management.

Along with his work in real estate, Monte is an accomplished entrepreneur who’s founded and operated multiple companies. He also makes time to invest back into his community as one of Austin’s 40 Under 40 and a member of the World Entrepreneur’s Organization, Austin chapter.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • How Monte Lee-Wen founded his first company at 19
  • Making something out of nothing when starting a business
  • The importance of Monte’s move to America and surviving the dot-com bust
  • Monte’s best lessons and how he learned them: the hard way
  • Planning your life with the destination in mind
  • Focusing on process and success over fame or awards
  • The art of negotiation and knowing how to read people
  • How Monte was able to push through a serious health issue
  • Learning how to rely on other people and take a step back

In this episode…

No leader makes it all on their own, but the best entrepreneurs are the ones that drive their own success. There is a certain resilience that can only be found in people who are self-motivated and endlessly hard working. While advice is valuable, the best lessons come from firsthand experience under difficulty. If they can survive those hardships, they often come out the other side stronger than ever.

Monte Lee-Wen knows this from his own career of highs and lows and self-made success. Having founded multiple companies in the real estate space, Monte has overcome a lot to become the expert he is today. Through his experiences, he has learned what it takes to be a thriving entrepreneur and leader. So what were the core lessons that led him to where he is today?

Dov Pollack takes time to interview Monte Lee-Wen, the Founder and Chairman of the Casoro Group, to go over his eventful career and what he learned as a self-made entrepreneur. They start with his first business at 19 years old and how he got into the real estate business. They also touch on how to cultivate leaders around yourself, the best way to plan your life, and how to properly negotiate. Hear the rest on this episode of the Next Wave Leadership podcast.

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