Meg Brossy, VP of Enterprise Sales at Grata, On: Leading With a “Bring It On” Attitude, Avoiding Jobs That Confine You to a Box, and How To Maintain a Culture’s Essence During Rapid Growth

Meg Brossy

Meg Brossy is the VP of Enterprise Sales at Grata, a leading engine in private company intelligence. She has led a thriving career in both the technology and the sports entertainment industries.

Meg initially spent 15 years in entertainment, running the marketing departments of Philip Morris USA’s Marlboro brand and even raising $115 million for the Charlotte Hornets’ NBA franchise. Now she works with technology companies by serving as a mentor through the program and advising for Perch.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Why Meg Brossy is drawn to uncharted waters in business
  • Meg’s vibrant career in sports and entertainment
  • The challenges of building a new NBA franchise
  • Entering the burgeoning field of digital technology
  • How to lead effectively without a clear plan
  • The new generation of employees and their expectations
  • Why Meg is working at Grata

In this episode…

No success is found without risk. The greatest leaders are not only aware of this but often thrive in the unknown. Being measured and careful is also important in business, but leading well requires a willingness to explore uncharted waters.

Meg Brossy has always sought out the unknown in her positions, having performed well in two different industries. Now, she is an established sales leader and a mentor to many companies. Her experiences have taught her to stay adventurous in business and in life. Today, she’s here to share those same valuable experiences with you.

In this episode of Next Wave Leadership, Dov Pollack interviews Meg Brossy, the VP of Enterprise Sales at Grata, to go over her career and her singular approach to leadership. They talk about Meg’s initial jobs in entertainment and sports and how she transitioned into the technology space. They then explore further topics on mentoring the next generation, leading without a clear plan, and maintaining a culture during rapid growth.

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