Luann Abrams, the Founder of CEOX On: The Ways in Which Venture Capital Is Broken for Women, How To Elevate Much Needed Voices, and Creating a Database for CEO-Ready Women

Luann Abrams

Luann Abrams is a prominent advocate for women in executive positions and the Founder of CEOX. Her company dedicates itself to doing precisely that by connecting highly qualified women into crucial roles that suit their strengths, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. She regularly speaks at events and conferences to discuss topics on leadership and gender equity.

In congruence with the CEOX mission, Luann is a Partner at FoundersPad, which serves as a mentorship program and a venture capital fund. She is an Operations Consultant at Amplion and a Founding Board Member for SCOPAC, and she helped build the Women in STEAM group that supports women in STEAM careers.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Luann Abrams’ background in aerospace and the influence it’s had on her career
  • Sexism in the workplace and how to be prepared
  • Why venture capital is broken for women
  • Providing a network for women within their own industry
  • Luann talks about hiring women on potential as well as experience
  • What are the kinds of environments that women in leadership create?
  • SCOPAC and how they are working to diversify local leaders
  • The damage that comes from the erosion of confidence

In this episode…

Luann Abrams has had a long career, starting with more than 15 years in the aerospace industry. While there, she encountered her first issues with sexism and gender inequity. Despite her qualifications and experience, Luann found there was no network of support to address the problem. It was then that she felt compelled to find a solution to the inequities.

In 2019, Luann started CEOX, which dedicates itself to promoting and stabilizing women in CEO and board positions. She has been doing similar work in FoundersPad, mentoring and funding businesses that need that same support. All of her work points back towards fiercely advocating for women in leadership roles, and now we get to hear how she accomplishes it.

Dov Pollack speaks with Luann Abrams, the Founder of CEOX, to discuss the inequity women experience in leadership, venture capital, and support. They break down the pressing issues of the day and her work to promote women in prominent roles. They also go through specific topics like local political representation, creating a network for women, and the environments that women in leadership positions create. Check out this episode of the Next Wave Leadership podcast to hear it for yourself!

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