Lorna Borenstein, the Founder and CEO of Grokker: On Launching Ebay Canada, Meg Whitman’s Great Advice, and Letting People Underestimate You

Lorna Borenstein

Lorna Borenstein is the Founder and CEO of Grokker, a business that improves health engagement and employee well-being for other companies. Some of their notable clients include Target, General Electric, and CVS Health. She founded her company after a multi-year sabbatical around the world, seeing the need for well-being solutions everywhere she went.

Before Grokker, Lorna worked as the President of Move Inc. and the Vice President of Marketing, Search, and Marketplace at Yahoo. She is also the author of the book It’s Personal: The Business Case for Caring, which also champions her viewpoint on taking care of employees. She also contributes as a contributing editor for Forbes.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • The hole that Lorna Borenstein is attempting to fill with Grokker
  • Lorna’s career path and how she went from law school to the tech industry
  • Why caring about the well-being of employees is so important
  • Cultivating a great work culture for a better business
  • How to persuade and convince people of your vision
  • The boxes you need to check when you start your own business
  • Lorna’s travels across the globe and what she learned from it
  • Some of the different practices that Lorna implements at Grokke

In this episode…

One of the greatest insights during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic was on the state of employees. Most employees in the marketplace have experienced some version of burnout or exhaustion, whether that be mental or physical. More importantly, there is more and more research coming out on the correlation between employee health and productivity. Simply put, healthy employees work better.

Lorna Borenstein has seen this principle play out in her own life as well as with her employees. Her business, Grokker, is designed to help people improve their own well-being in the context of their workplace. She was inspired by her multi-year sabbatical where she learned to finally rest after years of running herself thin. Want to know what she learned along the way?

Dov Pollack hosts Lorna Borenstein, the Founder and CEO of Grokker, on this episode of the Next Wave Leadership podcast to hear her thoughts on creating a great workplace, improving your own well-being, and strengthening your business as a whole. Lorna goes into detail on topics such as persuasion and how to start your own business the right way. They also discuss her own career and some of the hardest questions she faced along the way.

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