Karen Downes, the Founder of The Flourish Initiative and Co-Founder of FemmeQ: On The Importance of Getting Women to the Table Faster, Setting an Empty Chair, and Engaging With The Question “Who Would I Be If I Weren’t Me?”

Karen Downes

Karen Downes is a social entrepreneur and an expert in leadership development. She is the Founder and CEO of The Flourish Initiative which seeks to cultivate leadership and realize potential through its specialized programs. She is also the Co-founder of FemmeQ, a series that applies those same principles to the advancement and empowerment of women in the workplace.

In addition to her current projects, Karen has had an extensive career that spans multiple noteworthy organizations. Some of these include The Energy Project, JMW Consultants, and the Institute of Business Ethics.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Karen Downes explains the powerful question: “Who would I be if I wasn’t me?”
  • What is FemmeQ and what does their work look like?
  • The power of the empty chair in a boardroom full of men
  • Bringing healing back into the home through aromatherapy
  • How The Flourish Initiative combines restoration and leadership development
  • The correlation between the success of women and The Hunger Project
  • Interdependency and why diversity matters in organizations
  • Being both outraged and optimistic about global issues

In this episode…

Women continue to be excluded or overlooked in the global systems of business. Many of us have recognized the need for diversity, but what are the consequences of leaving women out of leadership? Beyond the moral and equitable reasons, there are tangible repercussions when failing to include women. Families, cultures, businesses, and more are hurt by these systemic problems.

Karen Downes has seen the effects firsthand and now works to promote progress in her career. She is the Founder of The Flourish Initiative and FemmeQ, both of which work to address critical issues and empower women. She has seen the fruit in both individual and corporate environments, and now she explains her process.

Dov Pollack speaks with Karen Downes, the Founder of The Flourish Initiative and the Co-founder of FemmeQ, to go over the importance of bringing women to the table and fixing the global system. The two walk through the work that both organizations do and how they’re helping the women of today. They dive into specific topics like interdependency, aromatherapy, and the power of the empty chair. Find out more by checking out this episode of the Next Wave Leadership podcast!

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