Jennifer Paxton, the VP of People at, On: The HR Hero Complex, How to Build Culture Remotely, and the Fear of Not Being Liked

Jennifer Paxton

Jennifer Paxton is the VP of People at, a company that creates effective loyalty programs for smaller businesses. With an extensive background in tech startups, she is a prominent leader in the world of HR and recruiting. Alongside her position at, she sits on the board for the Cultural Alliance of Medfield. She has previously worked as a director of talent for other leading companies such as Privy, LevelUp, and TrueMotion. She is a proponent of direct sourcing and employment branding, having developed her unique style of recruitment.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Why culture is so important and what good culture looks like
  • The right way to approach a problematic employee
  • Jennifer Paxton talks about understanding the role of a great HR manager
  • What a bad culture and poor workplace look like in practice
  • How do you build a great culture remotely?
  • Synthesizing and communicating your company culture to new employees
  • The best leader that Jennifer has met and what she learned from them

In this episode…

How do you consciously build a great work culture?

Almost every business has a mission statement and some ideals, but what does that look like in action? Building a culture is a thorough and intensive process, touching every aspect of your business. It starts from the ground up and requires proper leadership to see it cultivated. With the rise in remote work, it’s become more difficult than ever to keep your employees unified. Fortunately, Jennifer Paxton has learned how to do it.

Dov Pollack has an in-depth conversation with Jennifer Paxton, the VP of People at, to talk about company culture and the role that HR plays. They go over the common problems in the workplace, including addressing conflict and overcoming the challenge of remote work. They then discuss Jennifer’s own experiences and how she was influenced by the leaders in her life. Find out the rest by tuning into this episode of the Next Wave Leadership Podcast!

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