Gabrielle Kluck, the Director of Ombudsman and Mediation Services at the United Nations World Food Programme: On Fostering Change Within Large Global Organizations, Humanizing the Workplace, and Thinking Seven Generations Ahead

Gabrielle Kluck

Gabrielle Kluck is the Director of Ombudsman and Mediation Services at the United Nations (UN) World Food Programme. Gabrielle has had a robust and storied career in both the public and private sectors, serving in several roles at the UN, including Regional Ombudsman and Field Administration Officer. Before the UN, she worked for the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in leadership positions.

Gabrielle has also honed her expertise for global businesses such as Shell, KSG Berenschot, and MDF Training & Consultancy. Her extensive education also covers many fields and specialties. She has her MScBA in Business and Administration from the University of Groningen and studied psychology at the Institute for Applied Integrated Psychology.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • What Gabrielle Kluck does as an ombudsman
  • Gabrielle shares her journey, from changing her school to working at the UN
  • Unlocking new thinking within established organizations
  • The most important aspects of mediation
  • What is gender washing and why does it need to be addressed?
  • Choosing humanity in the workplace in the face of conflict
  • How the UN works to keep the peace around the globe
  • The key to creating real change in the world

In this episode…

How do you create lasting change in the world?

It’s a lofty question without an easy answer. So many people try and fall short of improving lives on the scale they hope for. However, it’s not impossible. Deep change is not only possible but necessary for progress. Change is also a cumulative effect, happening very slowly and only with the right circumstances. It takes inspiring leaders to take us to that next level, one step at a time. Gabrielle Kluck is trying to improve the world around her by doing just that, and now, she shares that vision with you.

Dov Pollack sits down with Gabrielle Kluck, Director of Ombudsman and Mediation Services at the United Nations (UN) World Food Programme, to discuss fostering change and mediating conflicts. The two talk through what it looks like to unlock new thinking in large organizations and how it can transform their work. They also go into humanity in the workplace, the UN’s work in the world, and the issues with gender washing. Hear it all on this episode of Next Wave Leadership!

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