Dov Pollack, Executive Coach and Founder of Next Wave Leadership, On: Building an Executive Presence, Understanding Your Story, and How the Podcast Has Changed Dov’s Coaching

Dov Pollack

Dov Pollack is an executive coach and development consultant who has helped brands such as Charles Schwab, Slack, and Amazon. Through his executive coaching consultancy, Next Wave Leadership, he works one-on-one with leaders to find their presence and better tell their story. He is a Founding Partner of Riverene and has previously worked with Future State Inc. and Hill Physicians Medical Group.

Dov is the host of the Next Wave Leadership podcast, where he interviews leaders about how they’re building great places to work by creating inspiring cultures in which to grow.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Why Dov Pollack started the Next Wave Leadership podcast
  • How to develop an authentic executive presence 
  • The importance of sharing your story with others
  • Dov’s favorite questions to ask his clients
  • Why Dov transitioned from screenwriting to coaching

In this episode…

What actually makes a great leader great? Which qualities or features separate the average executive from inspirational torchbearers?

Dov Pollack has built his brand, Next Wave Leadership, around coaching executives to find their voice and develop their presence. He has expanded the concept into a podcast where he interviews prominent leaders to see how they guide their organizations. Along the way, he has developed a keen sense for what differentiates them from the rest. Now it’s time to hear from him on how to authentically lead.

Chad Franzen flips the script and interviews Dov Pollack this week on the Next Wave Leadership podcast to hear his story and his perspective on building an executive presence. They start with Dov’s coaching and the mentality-shifting questions he asks his clients. He then dives into more detail on harnessing your story, why minority leaders are invaluable, and the reason behind leaving his screenwriting.

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Founded by Dov Pollack, Next Wave Leadership is an executive coaching firm focused on helping CEOs, executives, and emerging leaders to deepen their executive presence, differentiate their voice, and embrace the plot and promise of their story.

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