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Cody Hall, the Founder and CEO of Octiva Healthcare, On: The Cultural Differences Between Amazon and Apple, Lessons in Leadership Gleaned From the Marines, and Why He Advocates for Hiring Moms

Cody Hall

Cody Hall is the CEO and Founder of Octiva Healthcare which offers 24-hour healthcare support and emergency care. He started the company in 2020 with his experience as a Chief Compliance Officer and Head of Human Resources at Titanium Healthcare. Cody has had a diverse and successful career, including times in the military, healthcare, and business.

Cody served for over a decade in the United States Marine Corps as a Recon Marine. He has also worked in HR for companies such as Amazon, Apple, and Bambee.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • How Octiva Healthcare changes telehealth technology
  • The culture and employees at Octiva
  • Cody Hall’s journey from military to technology
  • Using different styles of leadership for different environments
  • Why Octiva is so diverse and how it’s helped the business
  • Building culture within a remote business
  • The importance of hiring people smarter than yourself
  • Cody’s most important lesson he learned from the Marines

In this episode…

While healthcare, military, and technology are three very different spaces, Cody Hall has sharpened his leadership skillset in every one.

Cody’s been a Recon Marine for the Marine Corps, an Area Human Resources Manager for Amazon, and a Chief Compliance Officer for Titanium Healthcare. Across all of his positions, he has developed a balanced sense of leadership that’s proven successful in his career. Now, he takes his healthcare experience from Titanium Healthcare to his own business: Octiva Healthcare. The company not only has a unique approach to telehealth, but also has a unique culture. So what does it all look like in practice?

Dov Pollack has an insightful interview with Cody Hall, the Founder and CEO of Octiva Healthcare, where they discuss his business and his style of leadership. They start with the beginning of his career and go through the lessons he learned from firsthand experience. They then dive into building a flourishing culture in a remote company and the advantage of hiring mothers. Hear the rest on this episode of Next Wave Leadership.

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