Coco Brown, CEO of The Athena Alliance: On Outgrowing the Pink Ghetto, Creating Digital Critical Mass, and the Importance of Including Women in the Boardroom

Coco Brown

Coco Brown is an entrepreneur, CEO, board member, and the Founder and CEO of The Athena Alliance. The Athena Alliance is a digital ecosystem and platform designed around community, education, and opportunity for the top women in business. Coco has been actively leading Silicon Valley-based professional services and tech companies since 1997.

Before founding Athena in 2016, Coco was the President, COO, and Board Director of Taos, a global leader in IT professional and managed services that has served hundreds of Fortune 1000 companies. She led the company to $54 million in revenue while navigating massive economic cycles and transformative business model evolution.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Coco Brown talks about climbing the corporate ladder as a woman
  • How Coco’s upbringing and travels affected her approach to leadership
  • Coco’s role in Taos and how she turned the company around despite financial hardships
  • Using dinner groups among women to grow and strategize
  • What is The Athena Alliance and why is it important?
  • The changing landscape of diversity in the business world
  • Breaking down the three elements that will help women succeed at the top
  • Where is The Athena Alliance going in the future and what is their current focus?

In this episode…

On a previous episode of the Next Wave Leadership podcast, Dov Pollack talked with Lucy Basta about helping women find roles in the business industry. Now, the conversation continues with an important question: how do we support women once they’re in these executive positions?

It can be all too easy to add a few women to the boardroom and feel satisfied with the so-called diversity. However, women in leadership need the backing of the community, education for a smooth transition, and access to further opportunity. It’s a difficult task — but women like Coco Brown are dedicated to seeing this process through. She has been helping women flourish in their leadership roles for almost two decades. Now, she’s here to help you.

Dov Pollack invites Coco Brown, the CEO and Founder of The Athena Alliance, onto the podcast to discuss how to establish women in leadership and help them grow. They talk about her personal journey, the dinners for leading women, and how she applies what she learns to her current role. They touch on the library of content that Coco and her team have curated for women to use and discuss the three elements needed for women to truly thrive in their positions.

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