Cara Shortsleeve, CEO of The Leadership Consortium, On: Why It Is Ok to Really Want To Win, Learning To Be Comfortable in Rooms That Weren’t Built for You, and Why There Can Be No Diversity Without Inclusion

Cara Shortsleeve

Cara Shortsleeve is an accomplished leader and the CEO of The Leadership Consortium. The organization works with some of the world’s leading brands to help develop and cultivate the next generation of leaders. She has personally worked for multiple renowned brands herself, spending over a decade at Google and YouTube before taking on her current role. Throughout her career, she’s developed her specializations in strategy and operational leadership with positions at Morgan Stanley and New Balance.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Why Cara Shortsleeve left her dream job at Google
  • Helping women and people of color have more access to the right opportunities
  • How athletics has factored into Cara’s career and view on leadership
  • The importance of feeling like you belong in business
  • Serving in leadership instead of reaching for power
  • Cara’s greatest lesson in leadership she’s taken from her career
  • Goals for new and experienced leaders alike
  • Creating learning opportunities for students at The Leadership Consortium

In this episode…

So much of leadership comes from personal experience. Lessons can be learned from trial and error in one’s career, but many mistakes can be picked up from those who’ve come before. There are a few notable leadership organizations that offer educational and networking opportunities, but few have the pedigree that The Leadership Consortium has earned. And leading those leaders is Cara Shortsleeve.

Having worked with brands such as Google and New Balance, Cara has a rich background in business development and leadership. In her role as CEO, she not only fosters great skills in her students but also promotes diversity. She is dedicated to increasing inclusion for greater opportunities, and in this episode, she wants to share those ideas with you.

Dov Pollack has an informative interview with Cara Shortsleeve, the CEO of The Leadership Consortium, to discuss leadership and diversity in the business world. They go through Cara’s own career and background, including the key lessons she learned along the way. They also dive into topics such as belonging in the corporate space, goals for leaders at all stages, and the need to serve within leadership. Hear the rest in this episode of Next Wave Leadership!

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