Annmarie Chereso, the Founder of BringIt! Home, On: How Being in a Contracted State Limits Growth, Moving Away From Fear and Towards Curiosity, and the #1 Question Every Leader Needs To Ask Themselves

Annmarie CheresoAnnmarie Chereso is the Founder of BringIt! Home, which gathers, inspires, and equips students, parents, and educators to empower themselves and the next generation of conscious leaders. For almost two decades, Annmarie has taught and spoken at schools and universities, facilitated workshops and trainings for teachers, and coached adults and young people. In 2015, Annmarie co-hosted Chicago’s first Conscious Parenting Summit featuring international speaker Dr. Shefali Tsabary and Conscious Leadership Group co-founder Jim Dethmer. In 2019, Annmarie published her first children’s book and is currently working on her newest book.

Annmarie has received coaching certifications from Martha Beck Inc, Mindful Schools, MEI, The Conscious Leadership Group, and Positive Discipline. Over the course of her career, she has had the good fortune of training with master teachers such as Jon Kabat-Zinn, Jack Kornfield, Thich Nhat Hanh, Daniel Rechtschaffen, Susan Kaiser Greenland, and many more.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Annmarie Chereso explains the correlation between parenting and leadership
  • Why people need to recognize their influence and responsibility as the leader of any team or family
  • Annmarie explains the value of creating a free environment where people can make mistakes, grow, and learn
  • Annmarie shares the common issues she finds dealing with parents that easily correlate to leadership
  • What are some issues that the young generation is dealing with?
  • What parents and leaders need to do to help others grow
  • Important questions you should ask yourself to become a better leader

In this episode…

Creating a space where kids or employees are free to make mistakes, grow, and learn sounds risky, but risks can lead to the greatest rewards. Parents and leaders should know this better than anyone else. So, how can you create an environment that helps you and your team grow?

Annmarie Chereso believes that parenting is leadership, leadership is influence, and the way you parent is the way you lead. Also, people operate efficiently when they are free. When people are in a contracted state, they shut down their access to creativity, intuition, innovation, and a deep curiosity about the unknown. So, as a leader, it’s not about being in control. You have to be self-aware, tap into your innate power, and move past your fears and limiting beliefs to step into your most empowered self.

Dov Pollack has an insightful conversation with Annmarie Chereso, the Founder of BringIt! Home, where they discuss effective parenting and leadership skills. Annmarie explains the correlation between parenting and leadership, the value of creating a free environment where people can make mistakes, grow, and learn, and the common mistakes parents and leaders make. Learn how to be a better leader by listening to this episode of the Next Wave Leadership podcast.

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