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Sylvia Rohde-Liebenau, the Former Senior Expert, Leadership Development and Coaching at the European Investment Bank On: The Presence and Stillness of Leadership, Managing Your Own Stress, and Why Organizations Don’t Change

Sylvia Rohde Liebenau

Sylvia Rohde-Liebenau is the former Managerial Advisor of Leadership Development and Coaching at the European Investment Bank, where she advanced leaders for almost 18 years. Currently, she is both the Founder and Executive Coach at Connect4impact. She started coaching to help people and organizations emerge and excel as impactful leaders. She is an EMCC-accredited coach and works primarily with international and financial organizations.

Throughout her career, she also served as a Senior Consultant for Ramboll Management and a Programme Manager for the European Commission.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • How Sylvia Rohde-Liebenau blends her creativity with her corporate career
  • Addressing human interests and concerns in Sylvia’s coaching
  • Are there any differences between male and female leaders?
  • Connecting the body and mind for holistic improvement
  • How did Sylvia get into leadership coaching?
  • The most important question that Sylvia asks her clients
  • Embodying motion to better understand ourselves
  • Sylvia’s thoughts on power and how it affects our culture

In this episode…

It can be all too easy for leaders to get tunnel vision with their companies. With constant pressure and growing demands, the focus becomes fixed on the numbers while leaving room for little else. A lot can get lost in this in-between, from mental health to employee satisfaction to the long-term performance of the business. It’s not a sustainable model, and it often leads to stagnation in many organizations.

According to Sylvia Rohde-Liebenau, a successful coach and leadership expert, improving as a leader comes from self-awareness, stillness, and a priority for stress management. Sylvia has worked for the European Investment Bank and the European Commission, accumulating over 25 years of leadership development experience. She has witnessed the lasting effects of burnout, stress, and ineffective communication — so she decided to do something about it.

Dov Pollack invites Sylvia Rohde-Liebenau, the former Managerial Advisor of Leadership Development and Coaching at the European Investment Bank, on the podcast to learn about her unique approach to leadership coaching. She explains her techniques to center yourself and improve communication. She also dives into her philosophy on embodying your emotions and how that translates into performance. They even take time to go over her personal journey from corporate consultant to successful coach.

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